Monday, June 8, 2009

The Other 8 Hours in a Day- Fiction That Features The Workplace

Ms. Hempel Chronicles Sarah Sun-Lien Bynum (2008)
Nominated for a National Book Award, thiscollection of short stories focuses on Beatrice Hempel, a middle school English teacher.

Then We Came to The End Joshua Ferris (2007)
This National Book Award Finalist pulls off the almost impossible in fiction – an absolutelyengrossing novel told in 3rd person plural, about office life in Chicago.

Shopgirl Steve Martin (2000)
This novella about a bored department store worker captures turn-of-the-millennium ennui.

A Show of Hands Anthony McCarten (2009)
A struggling car dealer holds a contest – the person who holds their hand on a car the longest will win it. A motley cast of characters competes, vividly portraying different kinds of desperation.

Last Night at the Lobster Stewart O'Nan (2007)
This is a stunning short novel about the employees of a closing restaurant franchise.

Personal Days Ed Park (2008)
This is another novel told in 3rd person plural in a landscape dominated by Starbucks and haunted by downsizing.

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